dr dad

I want you

To play my game!

It has been a long tiem since anybody was able to play Dr Dad's home for disposable clones, back in 2018 at EGX, that's how long ago.

But that time is not forgotten, and thanks to the andvancements of modern technology, you too are able to download this masterpiece, how convenient!

Long story short, at EGX, we didn't manage to get investors excited enough to finance the game, and that's the sad news that we really hoped we wouldn't get, but on the bright side, hundreds of people played the game and were absolutely enthusiastic about it. So we thought that it would be a shame to never release it, and here it is, in all it's EGX glory, for you, for free (not that we would make you pay for a wee demo anyways).

You can find the game on itch.io by following the link below:

Posted in Announcements on Nov 26, 2019