• Gabriele Maddaloni

    If an old school Italian mob boss had a child, he would be our lead programmer.

    Gabriele recently graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University where he studied Computer Games and Software Development and spends all his time coding at his dream job with Deep Fried Games.

    Doug Jagger

    Doug is also a Glasgow Caledonian University graduate who looks after the business and marketing aspects of the company. He is a driven and enthusiastic member of our team.

    William Norval

    Will is our head of Audio but his talents don't stop there. He has taken on a much larger role at Deep Fried Games and is an integral part of the managerial team.

    Will is a graduate of Glasgow Caledonian University and has been with Deep Fried Games since it's corporation.

    Glen Johnston

    Glen is a self-taught 3D artist with an unhealthy attachment to his PC. After spending 3 years teaching himself 3D Art in Southerness, he paired up with Gabe and Deep Fried Games was born!

    Keren McGregor

    Keren is our social guru and works on Marketing and PR. She is also studying advertising at the City of Glasgow College.

    She is known to make a mean lasagna (which Gabe and Thomas love) and accidentally became the mother of Deep Fried Games. Ask us why!

    Her car never makes it to an expo without a puncture!

    Thomas Salgarella

    Thomas is a current student at Glasgow Caledonian University.

    His responsibilities include designing levels and annoying the dev team. Sometimes we catch him making passive aggressive comments in Italian, but we love him really!

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