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The game that started the Deep Fried Games journey...

For those of you who have been with us a while, you will probably remember this little beauty.

If you're just becoming aware of Deep Fried Games, allow me the honour to present you footage of...


Project Swing was the first game the Deep Fried Games started working on... almost 2 years ago!

We encountered various circumstances that posed problems to the development of the game but alas we have overcome those pesky hurdles (by swinging of course) and are now very much getting back into it for Project Swing.

Way back when, we took Project Swing to Xpo North in Inverness and had a whole bunch of people play it. For both their enjoyment and our relief, it went down a treat and we are buzzing to get back into the thick of this thrilling game.

Definitely watch the speed-run, definitely follow us on Instagram and Facebook AND last but not least, definitely keep your eyes peeled for updates on this piece of VR swinging mayhem! ;)

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