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Transfuzer 2018


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What an experience that was!

Crazy to think that a month ago we were all down in Birmingham attending EGX2018... Crazy!

The Transfuzer competition gave us the chance to develop Dr Dad's Home For Disposable Clones into a relatively polished demo for the purpose of giving the massive number of people attending EGX the chance to play something. We are delighted to say that we had people of all ages playing our game and LOVING IT! A massive thanks to everyone who played Dr Dad's... your input has been taken on board and we are working hard to make the demo even better.

We also received some funding from the UK Games Fund which was very well received - thank you again!

We did not win the overall competition, however participating in the competition and meeting the other teams from across the UK was awesome. We wish them all the best going forward and thank them for being so friendly!

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