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    The wonderful world of Audio

    Will, our resident sound designer talks us through the importance of audio in games.


    He overviews aspects to sound in games and methods to create and implement them. There’s also some sneaky gameplay of DisasteRally.

    Promo Art... ;)

    Glen takes you through his thought process for creating promo art for DisasteRally.


    From inspirations and pretty looking games to the emotions felt when playing and how to convey them in an image.

    Feedback... Gaaaah

    Thomas and Will were left alone this week and asked to make a vlog, they try their hardest to explain what feedback is and how it can be used in video games.

    Changing Worlds

    This week Gabe takes you through a world changing feature in our new game, DisasteRally. We also explain a bit about developing for new platforms…



    Spoiler: it’s harder than you think.


    This week some of the guys headed back down to Southerness for a dev retreat, to hammer out more levels of our new minigame, (drum roll please…) DisasteRally!

    Stem and an office switch.

    This week we moved office and took part in a STEM Event to help inspire young women.

    Design with Thomas...

    Thomas takes us through his thoughts on design and how we design for VR. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

    The Game.

    We're going to talk about the previous two projects and why our new game is the bizniz!

    Asset Creation

    This week we take you through how we make a game asset from concept to implementation.

    The Intern


    We’re back in Southerness for another dev retreat working on our current game Dr Dad’s Home for Disposable Clones. We also brought an intern with us. Watch to see how he gets on.

    Gabe takes over...

    Okay, so we struggled to find available people to make a vlog and we gave the task to Gabe. We would like to apologise in advance for the shocking jokes and lack of flare in this vlog … enjoy! ;)

    Designing Sci-fi Guns!

    The team have left Glen alone to make a Vlog and he rambles on about sci-fi guns.

    Dev Retreat!

    DFG packed up and headed to Southerness for a long week of game development! Will explains his new occlusion model and celebrates his Birthday.

    Swing Like a PRO

    This week we explain what Project Swing is all about and dive into the mechanics!

    Making a game in a day

    This week we teach our intern some basic game development skills and get him to make a VR game in a week and Glen goes over how to rig and animate a hand.

    How to be Normal...

    In our second vlog, we discover that James is charismatic AF, discuss normal mapping and share some funny stories. Good times...Good times.

    Meet The Team!


    In our very first development vlog, we introduce ourselves and give you an insight to what we all do.

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